A Bit About Us

Hello and welcome to Manly Salsa. My name is Rich Lees and I’m the founder of Manly Salsa. You can’t actually see me in this picture because I took the photo. This was taken after one of our classes in 2022 but our first ever lesson was back in 2015 with no intention of ever starting a Salsa community.

It all started when I threw a Cuban themed dress up party and offered to teach my friends Salsa on the night. It was an incredible party and needless to say my friends demanded more lessons. Having a passion for teaching and education I jumped at the chance to continue with no idea that it would become a popular Salsa community in Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Years later I’m proud to say that Manly Salsa has had thousands of students who have enjoyed making new friends, exercising, learning something new and challenging and learnt things about themselves and the culture and origins of Salsa tracing back through America, Cuba and Africa.

We are just here to have fun and want to share our passion of community, connection, playfulness, smiles, love, sharing, opening up and letting go with you. Salsa just happens to be an incredibly powerful way of doing all these things. Come join us and see how it can really open up your life for the better too.

By the way we also throw a monthly Salsa party on the rooftop of the Steyne Hotel called SALSATION. This is a really fun event.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read a little about our origins. I hope you to meet you in class or at one of our parties soon.

Much Love,
Rich & The Manly Salsa Crew

Meet The Team

We love to share our passion for Salsa & Bachata

Salsa Teacher

Salsa Teacher

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Bachata Courses Workshops Northern Beaches Sydney Australia

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